Kerntalenten analyses

Wy Coretalents are so unique

Why the core talents analysis is so unique The core talent analysis is the first instrument that does not put people in boxes, but gives a nuanced overview of your core talents. It is the first instrument that can even handle the complexity of a gifted (young) adult. It is not the system that is leading, but you as an individual are the starting point. The analysis shows your personal constellation of 23 core talents, based on what you loved to do as a child. This provides a blueprint that can be used on a daily basis, for the rest of your life.

In 2017 I successfully finished the training as a professional certified core talents analist with Danielle Krekels (discoverer of the methodology) and Frans Corten . You can find me as licensed core talents analist on the website of CoreTalents.

What are core talents?

Core talents reflect your nature, your potential and your intrinsic motivation to acquire knowledge and competences and to develop your classic aptitude, personality and talents. Core talents are your natural aptitude; your personal set of strong and less strong characteristics. They determine the possibilities you have and are under the layer of classic talents, aptitude, competencies and skills, on which many other HR instruments focus.


Danielle Krekels discovered that your favorite children's games and how you played with them tell everything about your deeper, natural talents. In her field of recruitment and selection of scientifically trained personnel, she discovered more than 20 years ago that engineers for example appeared to have a surprisingly similar playing preference in their childhood. This finding prompted further investigation. She discovered 23 core talents, each with their own specific components. After more than 10,000 in-depth interviews, the core talents method has been firmly empirically developed and refined. The method is also now being tested theoretically scientifically at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

How are core talents determined?

We discover them through an easy-to-fill-out online questionnaire with questions on what you preferred to do as a child (4-12 years). Your favorite toys and the activities you loved to do as a child say everything about your core talents.
For example, a child does not get creative by playing with Lego but likes to play with Lego because (s)he is creative. 'Playing with Lego' appeals to his/her nature, potential and intrinsic motivation to create functional things. Core talents want to indulge themselves when you are young. How that has worked for you, is what we map out during a two hour conversation based on your answers. The insight that children's personality expresses itself in the choice of their toys, activities and sports turned out to be the key that led to this method.

The meaning and use of core talents

When you know your core talents, you can make more conscious choices that really suit you. You can apply this at different times: not only with choices in your career or private life, with recruitment and selection or even improvement of (private) relationships. It also provides insight into (the prevention of) risk of burn-out and/or bore-out.

If you can use your strong core talents in your work or private life, it provides energy. You easily get into 'flow' and feel personal and professional satisfaction. A situation or assignment where you don't use your CoreTalents can quickly lead to boredom and a sense that something is missing. You can also lose energy if you have to use your small core talents too much. Excelling in such a situation is then difficult for you. It is also difficult to learn skills on these core talents. Which is perhaps for the best: because who wants to be great at things you don’t like to do? In our society we are often called upon to develop what you are not yet good at: it is therefore wiser to invest your time and energy in the development of your strong core talents and unfolding them, because this always delivers good results.

What does a Core Talent Analysis consist of?

A core talent analysis can be taken separately, but can also be the beginning of a longer coaching process. Prior to the analysis, an intake (without any costs involved) always takes place.

A core talent analysis consists of:

1. First session

  • Together we go through the questionnaire you filled in beforehand (online)
  • Further discussion in a structured in-depth interview
  • Initial oral feedback

2. Report

  • Then I make a comprehensive report with the analysis. It weighs and combines all 23 core talents, to which I add conclusions and recommendations. This report will be sent by e-mail within 3 weeks after the in-depth interview.

3. Second session

  • We discuss the report with a focus on the future
  • If desired, we make a follow-up appointment

What does a core talent analysis cost?

A core talent analysis as described above costs: If you are paying as a private individual

If you are a private person (and therefore pay it yourself):€ 1.225,- incl. btw
If you are a self-employed person€ 1.225,- excl. btw
If your employer is paying€ 1.525,- excl. btw

I can always draw up a quotation after a free and non-binding intake interview has taken place. Additional requirements or wishes can be included.

Additional information for employers

A complete core talent analysis is an illuminating tool for:

  • Recruiting or promoting employees (e.g. selecting candidates for management trainee programs
  • Reintegration after a burnout/boreout
  • Setting up personal development plans
  • Identifying education and developmental needs
  • Defining career prospects

Als uw organisatie in een korte periode voor meerdere (potentiële) medewerkers een kerntalenten analyse wilt laten uitvoeren, beschik ik over goede contacten met andere erkende kerntalenten analisten in Nederland en België. Neem contact op voor meer informatie.