CoreTalents Analyses

What makes CoreTalents Analysis unique?

The CoreTalents Analysis is the first tool that doesn’t put people in boxes, but gives a nuanced picture of your CoreTalents. It’s the first tool that can encompass even the complexity of gifted young people and adults. The focus is not on the system, but on you as an individual. The analysis shows your personal constellation of 23 CoreTalents based on what you enjoyed doing as a child. It gives you a blueprint you can apply every day throughout the rest of your life.

I was trained as a professional CoreTalents analyst in 2017 by Danielle Krekels and Frans Corten, and am listed as an accredited CoreTalents analyst on the CoreTalents website.

What are CoreTalents?

CoreTalents analysis reveals your character, your potential and your intrinsic motivation to acquire knowledge and competencies and to develop your original abilities, personality and talents. CoreTalents are your natural abilities: your strengths and weaknesses. They determine your potential and lie deeper than the layer of talents, aptitudes, competencies and skills that a lot of other HR tools focus on.


Danielle Krekels discovered that your favourite childhood games and how you played them are a clear indicator of your deeper, natural talents. 20 years ago, when she worked in the recruitment and selection of scientifically educated staff, she discovered that engineers had surprisingly similar playing preferences in their childhood. This finding prompted further research and she identified 23 CoreTalents, each with their own specific components. After more than 10,000 in-depth interviews, the CoreTalents method has now been robustly empirically developed and refined. The method is currently being scientifically assessed at the Free University of Brussels.

How are CoreTalents identified?

We discover them by means of a simple questionnaire about what you enjoyed doing as a child (4–12 years old). Your favourite toys and the activities you enjoyed the most as a child reflect your CoreTalents.
This is because a child doesn’t, for instance, become creative by playing with Lego. Rather they enjoy playing with Lego because they are creative. ‘Playing with Lego’ appeals to their nature, potential and intrinsic motivation to create functional objects. CoreTalents want to express themselves when you’re young and we map out yours during an interview based on your answers to the questionnaire. The discovery that a child’s personality is revealed by their choice of toys, activities and sports was the key to the creation of this method.

The importance and use of CoreTalents

When you know your CoreTalents, you can make decisions more consciously – decisions that are right for you. You can use these insights in a wide range of contexts: for decisions regarding your career and private life, recruitment and selection and even to improve relationships. They can also help you to understand and avoid the risk of burnout or boreout.

Using your strong CoreTalents at work or in your private life will give you energy. You’ll be able to get into the ‘flow’ and experience professional and personal fulfilment. Situations and assignments that don't allow you to use your CoreTalents can quickly lead to boredom and a sense that something is missing.
Your energy can also be depleted if you need to use your weak CoreTalents a lot. It’s hard to excel in a situation like that because it’s hard to build your skills on weak CoreTalents.
In our society we are often encouraged to develop what we are not yet good at, and it makes sense to spend your time and energy on developing and growing your strong CoreTalents, as that will always produce good results.

A CoreTalents Analysis consists of three parts:

A CoreTalents Analysis can be taken separately or can be used to start or close a longer period of coaching. There is always an intake interview before the analysis.

A CoreTalents Analysis consists of three parts:

1. First session

  • Together we go through the questionnaire you filled in beforehand
  • Further discussion in a structured in-depth interview
  • Initial oral feedback

2. Report

  • I prepare an extensive report on the analysis. The 23 CoreTalents are weighted and combined, including conclusions and recommendations. This rapport will be sent to you by email within three weeks of the in-depth interview.

3. Second session

  • We discuss the report with a focus on the future
  • If desired, we make a follow-up appointment

How much does a CoreTalents Analysis cost?

After conducting a free exploratory intake interview I draw up a quotation, including for any additional requirements and requests.

If you are paying as a private individual€ 1.025,- incl. btw
Als je een zzp’er bent€ 1.025,- excl. btw
If your employer is paying€ 1.525,- excl. btw
Bij aanvang van het traject ontvang je tevens mijn boekenset
“Terug naar JOU: authentiek & uniek” en “Jezelf & anderen leiden”.

Ik stel altijd een offerte op nadat er een gratis en vrijblijvend intakegesprek heeft plaatsgevonden. Aanvullende eisen of wensen kunnen daarin meegenomen worden.

Additional information for employers

A full CoreTalents Analysis provides useful insights for:

  • Recruiting or promoting employees (e.g. selecting candidates for management trainee programs
  • Reintegration after a burnout/boreout
  • Setting up personal development plans
  • Identifying education needs
  • Defining career prospects

If your organisation would like to perform CoreTalents Analyses for multiple employees or potential employees in a short period of time, I can call on contacts among other accredited CoreTalents Analysts in The Netherlands and Belgium. Please contact me for more information.