L&D consultancy

All organisations have their origins, their DNA. Honouring that DNA doesn’t mean everything will turn to gold if you keep things the way they are. The world is changing so fast that organisations need to be able to respond quickly. Some call it being agile, I see it as ‘vital to remaining viable’. And that vitality comes from personal power and from utilising the full potential of the people that make up the organisation.

As a Learning & Development consultant I guide transformation processes. In my approach I focus on the development of the

  • Head (knowledge)
  • Heart (personality)
  • Hands (skills)

The prime focus is on achieving company objectives. Within that framework, we tailor things as much as possible to the target group. One size does not fit all when it comes to people so I work with you to personalise the learning programme. This requires thinking outside the box, innovating and challenging. These are the ingredients that make the magic happen and enable me to make the difference for my clients.

I combine my extensive knowledge and experience with analytical skills to get a helicopter view and quickly identify what needs to be done. Establishing a relationship of trust based on respect with the relevant people in the organisation is the next important step to defining together the best strategy and concrete, realistic solution. This results in the development of learning interventions that I design together with the target group or their representatives. In some cases, I facilitate these meetings myself.

I like to offer inspiration, spark ideas, get things moving and build.

My characteristics in this role:

I am a policy adviser and developer able to translate this into practice, businesslike with a human touch, analytical, a skilled communicator, transitional leader, customer-focused, relationship builder, decisive, thinking in possibilities, methodical, motivating and inspiring.