Curious about the experiences of professionals who’ve worked with me or are working with me now? Here they are!


“Brenda's role as director of NSCU can be summarized in the key words: Entrepreneurial with vision, integrity and 'getting things done, in the human way’.”

Dr. Martijn Rademakers
Managing Director Sollcorp

“Brenda's strength as a leader is that she can connect people and have a keen eye at the same time for the course of the organization. In a team, she quickly creates an atmosphere of safety and trust as the basis of performance. She can match the personal ambitions of each team member and knows how to forge one team at the same time.”

Rob Bos Advisor MD / Leadership Development

“Brenda creates structure and a balanced atmosphere, so that people feel seen and safe and can therefore move more easily.

For 2 years I (Secretary) worked with Brenda (President) in a five-member board of a service club with 40 members.

Pleasantly committed to her task
Provides a good atmosphere
Find the right role for each member
Looks straight in the eye.
Enjoys the success of the club.”

Herman de raat
Director FPO Holland BV

“As a management assistant, Brenda gave me a lot of freedom and confidence. She gave feedback, was a listening ear and she was available 24/7. She also coached me and all this brought me to who I am now. Thank you very much for this!”

Nicolette LucassenOffice Manager – KWPS

“As a manager, Brenda really knows to SEE her team members. She takes everyone's talents as a starting point to get the best out of her team.”

I.R. Program Manager at de Baak

Consultancy L&D

“Brenda has been a great inspiration in launching and executing L&D programs for both clients and internal staff members. She has a clear vision on how to truly connect participants with the course subject, and deploys this to great effect. One staff member said ‘everything she touches turns to gold.’”

Country Directory

“Brenda is an incredibly talented Learning & Development expert. She is not only thoughtful about the content itself, but recognizes the need to tailor the delivery and tone of the material to individual learning styles and preferences. Brenda values both intelligence and creativity equally and her programming always manages to find a balance between theory, hands-on learning, and inspirational content. On top of the quality of her work, she is also a fantastic human being and has become a mentor to me personally over the years.”

Alexandra Douwes – Purpose Generation

“Brenda is not only an expert in her field: she is a lovely person. She is highly skilled to create a tailor-made solution by listening to executives, by talking to people on the ground and by combining this with state-of-the-art instruments. The product is always easy to use and highly powerful.

She doesn’t crack under pressure but delivers in time, in budget and in quality.”


Coaching en KernTalentenanalyse

“Brenda is warm and empathetic, but businesslike and tenacious when it comes down to the subtleties to get to the table.”

Sr. Consultant

“Brenda is a listening ear. She knows exactly where to find the bottlenecks and advises on how to tackle them.”

S. Lookman

“Involved stimulating special person. I have never achieved so much in such a short time.”

Mario Nijland

"Brenda's coaching sessions have helped me a lot in understanding my personality and (the origin of) development points, as well as how I can deal with them effectively."

Angelique van den Heuvel | Project Manager at
de Volksbank N.V.

“Brenda has particularly helped me through a very personal and excellent analysis with a lot of advice and action to bring me to a 'next level' of leadership. Her advice also helps me every day in my new position as President Global Business Omniactive Health Technologies.”

Johan Kamphuis

“Brenda now gives me a better understanding of my own strengths and how I can use them effectively. Through the fine dialogues and clear substantiation and her fine personality, she gives confidence and guidance towards a better version of myself on a professional level.”

Development Manager