It was early 2020...
People had had a long dark winter,
February had been a very restless month with lots of storms and lots of rain
Nature was restless, as if she wanted to tell people something, as if she wanted to warn people about something... And then March came...

It was March 2020…
The streets were empty, most of the shops were closed, most of the cars were on the side of the road, people almost never left and all over the world, countries were locked, people couldn't believe this was happening, it was so surreal… Everyone knew what was going on

But spring did not know
And the flowers continued to bloom
And the sun was shining… The first beautiful spring day had come for a long time
And the swallows came back
And the sky turned pink and blue
It got dark later and early in the morning the light came through the windows

It was March 2020…
The youngsters studied online from home
Inevitably, children played mainly at home
Adolescents were bored, parents did not know what to do
People only came outside for shopping or to walk the dog
Almost everything was closed… Even the offices, hotels, restaurants and bars
The army began to guard exits and borders
People had to work from home
Entrepreneurs ran into problems
Most children were no longer able to go to school
Suddenly there was not enough room for everyone in hospitals, operations and examinations were postponed ... Everyone knew

But spring did not know and it shot
She imperturbably completed her annual program
She gave us her most beautiful flowers and her most wonderful scents
It was March 2020 

Everyone was quarantined at home for health or preventive reasons
Some people were no longer allowed to go to work, others had to
To hug, kiss or shake hands was suddenly a threat
Everyone had to keep a good distance from each other, that was terrible
All sorts of shelves were empty in the supermarket
All sorts of fun things were canceled, there was an end and no one knew when that was possible
People were limited in their freedom while there was peace
Many people around the world fell ill and it was contagious...
There was isolation, illness and panic... Then the fear became real!!

And the days all looked the same...
And the weeks suddenly lasted much longer...
And everyone hoped that no more strict measures would follow...
People were stuck in a movie and hoped for the hero every day...
The world had slowed down when it wasn't a vacation, no one expected this… Everyone knew what was happening

But spring did not know, and the roses continued to bloom
The Magnolia was budged
The birds started their nests

And then...
The pleasure of cooking and eating together was rediscovered
Everyone gave each other tips on fun things to do with your children
There was time to write and read again, people let their imaginations run wild and boredom sprang into creativity
Some learned a new language
Some discovered art
Some discovered that they were not really alive and found their way back to themselves
Others stopped negotiating ignorantly
Everyone had much more family time overnight
One closed the office and opened an inn with just four people
Others left their stuck relationship to find the love of their lives
Others offered to run errands or cook for vulnerable people
Everyone suddenly knew what a "vital profession" was, these people became heroes, they were valued more than ever
Others started making or singing music with each other to be together in this way
People got an eye for loneliness and invented things to do about it
People recovered from their stressful lives
People who did not know each other spontaneously started talking to each other
Some made kites out of paper with their phone numbers on them so lonely people could call them
The government went to help companies and the self-employed so that they would not go bankrupt or fire people
Retired healthcare personnel volunteered to assist in Healthcare
Volunteers came from all over, everyone wanted to do something
At 8:00 PM people from all over the world started clapping for all the doctors, nurses and care staff who worked hard to keep everything going in healthcare

It was the year in which people recognized the importance of health and connection, of togetherness, of social contacts and perhaps also of his vocation, this did something with the collective consciousness, this did something with all people...
And the economy almost went under, but it didn't stop, it reinvented itself
It was the year when the world seemed to stop, the year we would get into the history books together… We all knew that

And spring did not know,
And the flowers continued to bloom, and the trees sprouted
And it was getting warmer
And there were many more birds

And then came the day of liberation…
People watched TV and the prime minister told everyone the emergency was over
And that the virus had lost!
That everyone had won TOGETHER!!!
And then everyone took to the streets…
With tears in your eyes…
Without masks and gloves...
The neighbor was hugged as if he were a brother
And the world had become more beautiful and more loving
And people had become more human
And they again had values ​​and norms
People's hearts were open again, which had positive consequences
Because everything had stood still the earth could breathe again, she too had been healed from what people had done to her much earlier

And then summer came...
Because spring didn't know
And he was still there
Despite everything
Despite the virus
Despite the fear
Despite death

Because spring didn't know,
everyone learned
the power of life...

Susan Blanco (The Language Recycler)

“Inspired by people”